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About the Raizer Chair

This chair is a one-of-a-kind chair that provides safety for not only the person it is being used for but also for the operator by providing minimal strain on their backs. This chair provides safety for the client by eliminating the need to pull on joints and limbs multiple times to lift them up. The Raizer Chair comes in two variations the Raizer M and the Raizer II each have their own special qualities check out the vidoes below and reach out to us to learn more.


Raizer Chair II

is an automated battery-powered chair that lifts a person up with the simple touch of a button. It is easily assembled and effectively designed to provide for an easy glide from the floor back up to a sitting position

 Raizer Chair M

  This chair is designed with a hand crank mechanism that still provides a smooth transition from the floor to a sitting position. Check out the video to see how this chair works . 



About the Raizer Chair

The Raizer Chair is a innovative product developed in Denmark. The Raizer Chair offers so many astounding features like the ones listed below and more.

What this chair features: 1. It can lift a fallen person to an almost standing position in a matter of seconds once assembled.

2. The chair is portable and easy to assemble due to specific pieces being color coated.

3. The Raizer Chair is battery-powered and can be operated by a remote, or by buttons on the side of the chair.

4.Battery can stay charged without recharging for over 80 lifts with the average person weighing 200 pounds. Or the Raizer M provides a manual option that is still almost effortless to use.

5. Both the Raizer M and Raizer II Can lift up to 330 pounds.

6. This chair requires minimal effort from the person operating the chair and is designed to only take one person to lift a fallen person to an almost standing position.

7. Easy to clean.

8. Reduces strain on the client by reducing the amount of pulling on limbs and joints

9. Reduces back strain on operators.

Frirlagt taskesær RAIZER.jpg


Hygiene covers 









Wall Brackets

2.E - Raizer M Wall Bracket per.png
Trolley .png
1.F - Raizer M hygiene cover 2.png
Liftup - Raizer 1750.jpg

Head rest

1.D Head Rest- Front per (1).png
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